[Android-development] Where to download the older 28.0.3 Android SDK build-tools + setting androidBuildToolsVersion

Eddy Alleman allemaneddy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 20:47:33 CEST 2019

Hi there!


Today I made the jump from Qt5.11.1 to Qt 5.12.3 for my Android project on
Windows 10 and it works with a workaround.


I installed using the requirements summed up in the docs:

JDK >= 6 and < 8


NDK latest 

                (Note: Using Qt for Android with the GCC toolchain requires
Android NDK version r10e. 

                For Qt 5.12 or later, use the latest available version of
NDK with android-clang toolchain.)

SDK > 25.3.0 


For the SDK I downloaded from https://developer.android.com/studio/

"Command line tools" section 



Unfortunately this contains the 29.0.0RC1 Android SDK build-tools and we

androidBuildToolsVersion=28.0.3 to avoid a problem with the AIDL as
explained in this Qt Forum post:



Now the question:

1) does anyone know where we can download the older version that has only
the 28.0.3 Android SDK build-tools?

2) Or is there an easy way to change the setting in the environment instead
of in the project files for every project?


Every hint is welcome.


cheers Eddy



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