[Automotive] How can I contribute to neptune UI?

Aras Balali Moghaddam arasbm at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 22:32:01 CEST 2016

Hi there,
I just managed to build and run neptuneui today and I am really liking what
I see. I like to help wherever I can even if it is only documentation. I am
just getting back to developing in C++ and learning QML. I used to be a
javascript developer but I also have a background in user interaction and
visualization. I have two general questions right now:

* *where do you document neptuneui project?* Are there mockups, feature
requests, user study results, block diagrams showing components of the
software and their relations, etc.
* *Is there a developer guide? *How can I build applications for neptuneui?
How can I use qt creator to develop for neptune ui and how would I run my
apps? How can I modify neptuneui itself?

I know that I do not have a good understanding of how all the pieces in
this project go together, that is why I am reaching out to see what I need
to learn next.

Thank you!
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