[Automotive] Qt Automotive Suite dbus requirements

Jereme Lamothe jlamothe at docboxinc.com
Thu Aug 18 21:25:45 CEST 2016

Hey all. I'm curious about the dbus version requirement (1.8) when
compiling the app manager, as this appears to be specific to the Automotive
Suite and not Qt 5.7. Are there features I can disable in the app manager
to negate the need for this requirement, and instead use an earlier version?

I've successfully built & run appman + neptune-ui under Ubuntu Server
16.04, to familiarize myself with the project & its dependencies. However
the device/product I'm working on is based on Ubuntu Server 14.04, and the
versions of dbus & wayland in that repository are too old for Qt Automotive
Suite (dbus 1.6) and QtCompositor (1.4) respectively. I'm comfortable
resolving the Wayland dependency by compiling & deploying a newer version
myself (and I suspect QtCompositor questions fall outside the scope of this
mailing list). The dbus dependency I'm less enthusiastic about rolling my
own, given the number of other services I could be impacting.

I'm really impressed and excited by what I've seen of the automotive suite
thus far. I look forward to the official 1.0 release!
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