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Sat Oct 29 10:49:31 CEST 2011

Il giorno 29/ott/2011, alle ore 09:29, Thiago Macieira ha scritto:

> On Saturday, 29 de October de 2011 08:27:34 Tomasz Siekierda wrote:
>> Using Torrents might take some load off Nokia, while making the download
>> process more reliable, and less prone to errors (as torrents check hashes
>> for every part of the download). It would work flawlessly for standard
>> releases, but might be tricky for the SDK, as it downloads packages for
>> itself.
> We discussed that and, while it may take some of the load off, it will not be a 
> complete solution. Many corporate users are behind very draconian firewalls 
> that will not let torrents through. And even if the firewalls do allow, there's 
> a question of whether torrents are permitted by the company's network 
> policies.
> So we must offer HTTP too and use a CDN for that. Nokia already has this set up 
> for the current system...

Obviously that's the best solution if there's someone sponsoring such a CDN, since it won't be free.

Off the top of my head, we could also use Sourceforge as CDN for the time being. AFAIK, their policy allows doing that even if you are not using the rest of their infrastructure (as long as it's an open source project of course). Release managers will just have to upload releases there.
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