[Development] Qt Essentials

lars.knoll at nokia.com lars.knoll at nokia.com
Thu Aug 2 14:02:45 CEST 2012

Hi everybody,

as one of the first consequences of the situation in Brisbane, I'd like to do some changes to our list of essential modules. You can see the current list at http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt-Essentials-Modules . 

I intend to move both Qt 3D and Qt Location out of the essentials list and make them add-ons for now. They are fully usable as-is today, but with the situation down-under I am currently unsure how well we can maintain and develop them going forward. If things turn out well, we can still move them into the Essentials list in a 5.1 or 5.x release.

In addition, I will also remove Qt JS Backend from the list of essentials. While the library is a requirement for the QtQml module, it doesn't provide any public API and as such is a pure implementation detail on which I currently don't want to give any long term guarantees.


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