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Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue Dec 4 07:12:12 CET 2012

On terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012 01.07.48, Darryl Miles wrote:
> I understand this point in respect to the old list
> qt-jambi-interest at qt-project.org.

That's not the old list. That's the new list.

> I understand in respect of users signing up to a new list.  So the
> question I need to decide is which legal entity is the user who is
> subscribing providing the information to (this becomes the entity with
> ultimate legal responsibility for the "personal" data consisting of
> their email address and optionally their name).

If the list is @qt-project.org, the entity will be the Qt Project Hosting 

> Then after that the terms under which the subscriber is signing up, i.e.
> it can be clarified that they are also consenting to allow the entity
> with ultimate legal responsibility to delegate the operational matter of
> the list to another legal entity at their discretion.  Furthermore that
> due to the nature of what a mailing-list is they are also consenting to
> having the details collected during signup to be distributed to the
> others on the list as well as their respective email system providers
> used for transit of the message.

We could, but we won't. If you want the list on qt-project.org, then the list 
will be like any other: the private data will belong to the Foundation and it 
will not share with any other entity, short of complete transfer of control of 
the Foundation.

> > There's one person from Digia that has been assigned as the legal contact
> > for the project. Why do you need to call this person? Is this person not
> > responding to emails?
> So far my recent attempt make contact via email to legal at qt-project.org
> has gone unreplied and unacknowledged.  Which is why I'd like to know
> the name of the contact and/or place a call to the department.  (wasn't
> this explained in the original email)
> One of the questions posed in my 22-Oct-2012 email did ask about
> continued mailing-list robot hosted at lists.qt.nokia.com.

I will pass along the note to the Digia people I meet this week to make sure 
that the legal contact is responding to emails. Someone else has today 
reported the same issue to me.

> > Why does the legal contact need to be involved with this?
> So there is an awareness of what the Qt Jambi project is to both parties
> and how the Qt Jambi project operates.  For example contributions have
> not been governed by any CLA for some time.

All contributions through the Qt Project infrastructure go through the Qt CLA. 
What are you asking for?

 a) to disable the CLA for Jambi repositories in qt-project.org?
 b) to figure out how to import the source code (which is not under the CLA) 
into the Qt Project?

If it's a), it's probably not an issue for the legal contact. In the past when 
it has come up, the decision by the Qt Project, specifically from the Chief 
Maintainer, is that we do not want to do it. We want everything to use the 

> There is the aspect that Nokia still owns and retain the qtjambi.org
> domain name and it does not seem to have been part of any asset transfer
> this causes a problem in the very naming of the project as Java naming
> is largely based on a namespace model tied back to DNS.
> So the subject of renaming the project to side-step this issue has come
> up and there does not seem to be any major objection to a rename from
> those folks involved in the day-to-day active management of the Qt Jambi
> project.

Understood, but there's nothing I can do about this. If you want Digia to 
obtain the rights to the Qt Jambi domain and other assets, you need to contact 

If the Qt Jambi people are ok with a project rename, we don't have to do that.

> There is also a matter of trademark questions concerning Qt Jambi (it
> has been written in information/documentation that some aspect of the
> name may have a trademark claim).  It could of course also have been
> advance thinking or a misunderstanding or typographical error.

The same as the domain probably applies.

> There is a pending/schedule change to the Copyright plates to better
> explain and describe the nature of the project as being a derivative and
> fork of the original Trolltech work that has selected to retain GPL/LGPL
> in source code and publish LGPL only binaries.

The only reason when a Copyright header is changed is when copyright itself 
transferred hands. That's what happened to the Qt source code that was 
copyrighted by Nokia: it was transferred legally to Digia.

If the Jambi source code was transferred to Digia, then the Copyright headers 
should be changed. But given that the domain name was not transferred, it's 
most likely that the source code was not either. If that's the case, then the 
copyright remains with Nokia and you should not change that.

Note that it's entirely possible that the language of the Nokia-Digia 
agreement did transfer the Jambi assets, but no one realised or took care of 

> There is also the angle on continuing to use trolltech.com references
> within the code base, I see there is a QTBUG about stopping doing that
> in Qt, is there a legal basis this needs to be done ?

The trolltech.com domain name did not transfer. Given the task and the domain, 
I would guess that the Qt Project no longer has any rights to it. I would 
recommend you rename the Java packages as soon as feasible.

For D-Bus, we're using org.qtproject in the interface names (without the 
dash). The domain is registered to Lars for now. But if we do obtain 
qtjambi.org, I'd recommend using that instead.

> Aspects of closing off and moving to emeritus status a number of dormant
> gitorious Qt Jambi project admin accounts. This would also lead into the
> cleaning up of the other gitorious matters.

I do not understand what you want. Please be clear. This above probably has 
nothing to do with the legal contact though.

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