[Development] [Releasing] Bumping Qt 4 version to 4.8.5

Vladimir Minenko vminenko at rim.com
Tue Dec 4 19:21:17 CET 2012

> I agree with Ossi. Your request doesn't make sense, Vladimir.
> If you're taking the latest 4.8 branch instead of the released packages, you're
> in for a lot more trouble. I suggest creating your own branch based on
> 4.8.4 and cherry-picking any commits you need into it.

Ok... Well, I can also ask a good question why you bump the version to 4.8.5 before it is actually released. You probably will have a good answer, likewise I will also have a good answer why bumping the version disturbs our integration right now. But, all this does not help by the end of the day...

In short, 1) we cannot wait for official 4.8.x releases and work directly on the master, 2) we have no time for manual cherry-picking into an internal branch and decided to take all commits as long as a snapshot passes our testing.

As mentioned in my previous email, changing the version of Qt changes the version of the so libs, which we have to reflect while building device images. Sometimes, there is just no time for this, and an entire update of Qt in BlackBerry 10 is in danger to get stuck. We currently just cannot afford this! 

Fine, we will just revert that commit if needed... Anyway, we had a chance to hear about this on-time. This is good. Previously, it was rather a surprise...



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