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Alan Alpert 416365416c at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 00:19:58 CET 2012

There were lot's of great dev day discussions started this week that
I'd like to continue, and the question arose of "which mailing list?".
While QML is part of Qt, I would like to ask is we could get a
separate mailing list for development of the QML engine and QML APIs.
It seems that it's a different set of people who are interested, and
this more targeted approach will help keep the dev ML relevant - after
the discussions today I have 7 topics I want to start threads about,
but most are for exposing to QML existing C++ APIs and of zero
interest to C++ devs.

So I'm seeking approval for a new qml-development at qt-project.org list
to discuss the development of the QML language and QML-specific APIs.
After it's approved, I'll be seeking to have it set up and I don't
mind if people jump straight to that ;) .

On a separate note, there used to be a qt-qml ML which did a little of
this and a little of QML user help, so it would be nice to get a
qml-interest at qt-project.org ML set up as well for users _of_ QML. QML
sometimes has a different type of user (designers) so I would expect
that to be a relevant split as well.

Alan Alpert

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