[Development] Broken class in the Qt Multimedia module

Sze Howe Koh szehowe.koh at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 04:35:23 CET 2012

Hi all,

I tried out the VideoWidget example (MSVC 2010 version of Qt 5 RC1),
on Win7 32-bit), and found that it is broken. I inserted qDebug()
calls immediately after QMediaPlayer::setMedia() and
QMediaPlayer::play(). Here are the results:

* .avi files seem to load (I got no error messages), but wouldn't play.
* .mov files play properly... BUT I got a error messages anyway
(QMediaPlayer::ResourceError -- "Failed to load source.")
* .mpg file gave the QMediaPlayer::ResourceError upon loading
* I got no error messages when trying to load a spreadsheet file

* I never ever got error messages after QMediaPlayer::play(), even if
the playing fails
* QMediaPlayer emits a stateChanged() signal after calling play(),
even if the playing fails

* Sometimes, I get strange messages that refer to a path that's
non-existent on my machine:
"e:\workprg\pdf35\trunk\xcshinfo\PXCInfoShlExt.h(57) : Trace/s :
e:\workprg\pdf35\trunk\xcshinfo\PXCInfoShlExt.h(77) : Trace/s :

All the video files above play normally with Windows Media Player, so
it's not a system codec issue. This isn't just about media format
support though; the error-handling facilities of QMediaPlayer are
broken. This is a problem for Qt 5, as QMediaPlayer is under an
"Essentials" module.

On that vein, Gerrit activity for the qtmultimedia repo has been very
low recently -- do we still have a maintainer?


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