[Development] Editing the FAQs at qt-project.org/faq

Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at digia.com
Tue Dec 11 13:00:16 CET 2012

On 05.12.2012 20:37, André Pönitz wrote:
> I also don't think that establishing a system in parallel to the existing
> Approver/Maintainers system is the best way to proceed. I actually doubt a
> lot of maintainers want to become mad, scientifically or not, just to be
> able to fix FAQ entries related to their field of work.

The problem here is that the qt-project.org website has its own accounts 
that are in no way related to the accounts used by the bugtracker/gerrit.

Till we get single sign-on the current approach based on reputation 
earned on the developer network site actually seems ok to me. It is a 
bit more automatic than the approver/moderator system in gerrit, but so 
far it seems to mostly work.

You do _not_ get moderator rights on the devnet site automatically. You 
are required to get a certain rank to request it, but that is all.

> I could imagine having one or more additional "official" roles in the
> "normal" system to take care of the non-code related tasks.  One such role
> could be "Web Caretaker" with extra powers when it comes to web related
> stuff. That state should of course _not_ be automatic, i.e. without human
> approval, just because someone managed to add N comments to questions,
> correct or not.

Basically there are "social" (moderate forums, etc.) and "technical" 
(implement single sign-on for devnet/gerrit/jira) roles here. Those need 
to be handled differently and have very different prerequisites for 
granting those roles to people. I am fine with automatically acquired 
roles for some of the minor social functions (like being able to request 
groups, start posting topics, etc.), but not for major ones (like being 
a moderator of a large section of the site). We will also need a 
non-automatic system for the technical side of things. IMHO this should 
be similar to the approver/maintainer system we have in place for Qt code.

Please consider to join the web at qt-project.org mailing list if you are 
interested in how to bring forward open governance on the qt-project.org 

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