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> Oh well, if you already feel offended by this phrasing, I guess you should get a thicker skin ... we've people from very different cultures and with varying English language skills in the community, so you should just take things with a pinch of salt in general.
> Anyway, the sentence is from the upstream gerrit project, and it actually describes pretty good what it means, technically:
> "you shouldn't submit this" - I don't think this is ready to go in as it is.
> "I would prefer" -  ..but at the same time this isn't a veto, so if another approver thinks differently (with reasons), please go ahead.

I don't really like the phrasing but I appreciate that we don't diverge too much from other gerrit projects. I hope we will not always rely on gerrit upstream though. The css they provide for us was most likely never touched by a designer and I almost suspect they did not intend for it to be used as-is.

While we are mentioning gerrit issues, I would really wish that we could have the web interface improved a bit. I still have a hard time finding the clone link to checkout an existing project and I am sure others hit this problem as well. For some reason clicking on "project/qtdeclarative" does not actually tell me how to clone it. It really should be the first thing on that page. This again is probably something we could request upstream but qt5 does requires some additional links and explanations so having a little bit of local adaptation would probably not be too bad.


> If anyone things there are better ways to formulate exactly this, I suggest bringing it up in the gerrit forums.
> There's a point though that a lot of people (including me) are using -1 for 'this requires more work', and -2 for 'the patch, or target branch is just wrong, please abandon'. So if the intention of the patch is fine in general, but contains some errors, I myself tend to give -1, though it should maybe be a -2. Anyway, I think everyone giving a -1 or -2 should put an explanation in the comments which explains things, so I haven't yet perceived this as a real issue.
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> Kai
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>> 	> (Rethoric: should this go to a more generic qt list?)
>> 	>
>> 	> Hello
>> 	>
>> 	> (First a side question, is there a more consequent documentation
>> about the use
>> 	> of gerrit?)
>> 	>
>> 	> Is it only me that finds the "-1" review default message in gerrit
>> rather
>> 	> irritating?
>> 	>
>> 	> "I would prefer that you didn't submit this"
>> 	>
>> 	> reads to my brain much like "go f*k yourself" without the raw
>> words.
>> 	>
>> 	> I get all the idea of the automating thing and all, and that
>> machines have no
>> 	> emotion, but, if I don't miss something obvious (this happens to
>> me though...)
>> 	> and if that message is configurable, how about
>> 	>
>> 	> "This requires more work"
>> 	>
>> 	> instead?
>> 	+1
>> 	Yes this describes more the workflow how I use that with my
>> colleges.
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