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> > They just change the implementation between minor releases.
> > Also, it seems like they don't want our features to be up-streamed, see
> > https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/repo-
> > discuss/gXjbuhfW0tg
> > for the topic feature discussion, so it' even harder to be in sync.
> Just out of interest, is the topic feature actually used a lot? I know that
> it was considered a must have when we started using gerrit, but I
> personally haven't seen it put into good use, and don't actually miss it
> myself.

I don't think the feature is even enabled. We turned it on when we went live 
and immediately found problems with the implementation, some coming from the 
original description of the functionality. So we turned it off.

When it got reimplemented, it was turned back on, but after I managed to wedge 
the qtbase repository twice by corrupting the database, we turned it off again.

After a year of Qt Project, we don't have the feature and we're living without 

I'd suggest we need upstreaming the CI integration and we can throw away the 
topic branch feature.

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