[Development] Qt5 & iOS

Ian Dean ian at mediator-software.com
Sun Dec 16 14:57:09 CET 2012

On quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2012 18.31.47, Trismer Technologies wrote:
 >    Does anyone has information about roadmap of Qt5 for iOS ? Digia promises
 > this port in next year but I'd like to know how the current blockers will
 > be removed: the most important one - V8 javascript for iOS ? Are there any
 > plans around that  ? Eventually are there plans to port only QtQuick1 for
 > iOS or maybe different JavaScript engine ? If there is an ongoing work in
 > this area, please let us know. Maybe we could help in this matter.

Currently Digia is hard at work writing a platform plugin which they hope to 
have available for Qt5.1. That is the time-frame which they are giving for 
'official' support for iOS in Qt.

However, the current RC (at the time of writing RC2) is iOS-compatible (with 2 
small patches), and the Qt4iOS platform plugin for Qt4.8.x has been successfully 
ported to Qt5.0.0. This is a (non-Digia) commercial effort and there will most 
likely be an evaluation version of this available soon after Qt5.0.0 is released.

The Qt4iOS plugin for Qt5.0 currently supports full OpenGL, widgets & QtQuick1. 
It currently also supports multi-touch, and will most likely have sensors, 
location and multimedia (audio in/out) support available at launch.

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