[Development] Qt5 & iOS

Ian Dean ian at mediator-software.com
Mon Dec 17 11:43:58 CET 2012

Just an FYI, as of today, V8 has been ported to and is running successfully on 
iOS. It currently requires a "jail break", but it is (theoretically) possible to 
get it running on a "stock" device without breaking any Apple App Store rules...

The problem is that iOS does not allow RWX protections on memory, only RW and RX 
(although they can be changed at runtime). It means that some work needs to be 
done to V8 to set the memory protections accordingly after it has written some 
code to a memory page...

The good news is that with the (ported 4.8) platform plugin for iOS, it is now 
possible to run Qt5's QML2 & SG on iOS and samples like 
"qtdeclarative/quick/scenegraph/openglunderqml" work just fine... :)

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