[Development] Qt5 & iOS

Ian Dean ian at mediator-software.com
Mon Dec 17 14:39:29 CET 2012

It's completely possible (in theory) to get V8 working on "stock" iOS. Just 
non-trivial. The problem is that V8 tries to allocate memory with RWX 
permissions (which stock iOS doesn't support). V8 needs to allocate with RW, and 
then change to RX when it wants to execute that code. This works (the method, 
not V8 yet) on a stock iOS device. Does Apple allow that? Remains to be seen, 
but pre-4.3 iOS versions needed special app provision to run mprotect() while 
4.3+ does not. As mprotect() is not a private API, and the provisioning 
requirement (only used by Safari) has been dropped, it indicates that Apple 
allows it's use on iOS 4.3+...

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