[Development] Qt5 & iOS

Trismer Technologies info at trismer.com
Mon Dec 17 12:20:50 CET 2012

Hi Ian,

   Thanks for info. In fact I was able to compile V8 for iOS as well, so Qt5 with QML2 starts on the Simulator. I wasn't able to run it on a device. I cannot "jail brake" the device, so I'm afraid we must find some solution to workaround the problem of javascript engine. Using qtquick1 is not a solution. I don't see a point of using Qt5 without QML2. From what I see a complete drop of V8 in favor or different engine will not be easy. On the other hand I couldn't find any sign that someone managed to publish any V8-based application to the App Store. I believe Google would do it in Chrome for iOS in the first place :) Right now I'm trying to evaluate the v4vm project, but if you have any tips for V8 engine to be able to run it on stock device, I'd be grateful for it.

Best regards, Maciej Kujalowicz
Trismer Technologies

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