[Development] requesting an own 4.8-blackberry10 branch on gitorious

Qi Liang Liang.Qi at digia.com
Tue Dec 18 20:21:03 CET 2012

On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 4:06 PM, Peter Hartmann wrote:

> some months ago, I was confident that this would be something temporary;
> unfortunately, practice has shown that so far we always had a few
> commits (1-10) that we needed to "short-circuit" into our branch because
> some internal team needed a commit urgently (maybe people that have
> worked on the N9 remember that situation). So I don't expect that branch
> to go away anytime soon, to be honest.

If like this, we can assume that there are some patches(commits x1-n) which are planned to merge into upstream(current official qt repo) and some other tmp patches(commits y1-n) which maybe never goes to upstream.

I think you can have a qt 4.8-bb10 branch in official repo to have those commits x1-n, and should be tested via CI to make sure those changes will not break other platforms. Then you could also have your own clone repo based on that branch and have other tmp commits y1-n(which are only for BB10) in 4.8-bb10-release branch, for example. And you could try to merge 4.8-bb10 from upstream to 4.8-bb10-release weekly or daily, if conflicts happened, I think you should rebase 4.8-bb10-release and fix those tmp patches.

You could push changes into 4.8-bb10-release branch at first if needed, and if some of them could pass CI and go into 4.8-bb10 branch, you can remove them from 4.8-bb10-release later.

And for 4.8-bb10-release branch, you could also try another solution, to store those tmp patches into a repo(sth like Qt Modularized project did), then use script to apply them on 4.8-bb10 branch in your own CI or test system.

Just a suggestion for practice.


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