[Development] test for Mouse Buttons on OS-X

Rick Stockton rickstockton at reno-computerhelp.com
Tue Dec 18 21:49:18 CET 2012

Hi. I would like someone with a Mac to perform the following test
procedure. It attempts to verify mouse button numbering on the OS-X
software stack, and proper interaction with the Window frame (Strut). (I
don't have access to an Apple desktop machine). Hardware Prerequisite: a
Mouse with middle button AND Back/Forward "thumb buttons". Thanks in
advance, to anyone who can do this

(1) Build Qt5 (Developer Build), with Cocoa platform plugin. Qtbase is
all you need. Configure to use Qt5 qmake and libraries.

(1A) If you did not build all examples, go into directory
"examples/widgets/widgets/mousebuttons". Build the project (using Qt5).

(2) Run the resulting "buttontester" program.

- - - - tests within the white test area - - - -

Within the GUI borders, please verify the following:

(3A) Click of each button, all by itself. (Program should indicate
"Mouse Release:" with correct Qt::MouseButton, and "heldbuttons
NoButton"). NOTE: If the listed button is shown as "Qt::ExtraButton3",
or higher, when you press the "Back" or "Forward" Button -- you have
Confirmed one of the theoretical Bugs already. Thanks, keep going!
(3B) Press and hold a Thumb Button, verify that "heldbuttons" indicates
this button WHILE you click other buttons. Please be sure to include the
_other_ thumb button among your clicks.

(3C) Press and Hold LeftButton, Press and hold BackButton (i.e.,
ExtraButton1), drag the mouse a short distance (still within the test
area), then release BackButton.
      Verify the displayed event ("Mouse Release: BackButton" with
"heldbuttons LeftButton".)

(3D) Now Release LeftButton, verify that the displayed event is "Mouse
Release: LeftButton" with "heldbuttons NoButton".)

- - - - tests involving the window frame - - - -

(4A) Press and hold both LeftButton and BackButton inside the area.
Drag, buttons held, into the window frame. Now Release both. Did
"buttontester" see any of the Release events?

(4B) With no buttons pressed, Move back into the testarea Gui. Click any
button, holding nothing. Does "buttontester" think any buttons ARE still
in held state?

- - - - tests involving the dekstop - - - -

Repeat 4A, but drag out to a blank area of the desktop (not covered by
any application window).

Repeat 4B.

(4C) With no buttons pressed, move from the buttontester area to a blank
spot on the desktop. Click LeftButton. Does ButtonTester "see" the click?

(4D) Still in the empty desktop location: Press both LeftButton and
BackButton, then release BackButton. Did Buttontester see the Release,
and does it show "heldbuttons BackButton"?

if the test shows mis-behavior, please reply on the list. With Qt5, we
actually support up to 16 mouse buttons on OS-X. But any mistakes which
Qt would make on "ExtraButton6", or etc., will already be visible with
just the "BackButton", AKA "ExtraButton1", so a 5-button mouse is adequate.

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