[Development] Is QGLWidget broken on Qt4/QPA?

Rafael Roquetto rafael.roquetto at kdab.com
Wed Dec 19 17:34:13 CET 2012


I think I might have stumbled upon a bug in QGLWidget affecting QPA platforms.
This happens at least in BlackBerry, but I suspect it is a general issue.

When a QGLWidget is instantiated, a new native window is created once
Q[GL]Widget::winId() is called. This ultimately leads to a call to
QWidgetPrivate::create_sys(). This method tries to acquire a native window and
a backing store for the newly created QGLWidget. Creating the window by
calling QPlatformIntegration::createPlatformWindow() works as expected.
Then, before trying to directly call
QPlatformIntegration::createWindowSurface(), it first tries to get hold of an
existent surface, by calling QWidget::windowSurface(); Now if that returned 0,
it would proceed to create a new surface through
QPlatformIntegration::createWindowSurface(). But in practice it does not.
The relevant part of QWidget::windowSurface() tries to get the backing store
by invoking d->maybeBackingStore(), which in turns calls

    * this is exactly where the problem lies: window() will iterate the widget
    tree until it reaches the toplevel widget, which effectively has a window
    associated to it, and then return its backing store.

This means that the backing store being handed to QGLWidget is that of the
current toplevel window, and not a newly created backing store to be
associated with the newly created window for QGLWidget. In the case of
BlackBerry, this is causing QGLWidget to use a raster surface
(QBBRasterSurface) rather than a gl surface (QBBGLSurface). This may also
affect the Wayland plugin:

QWindowSurface *QWaylandIntegration::createWindowSurface(QWidget *widget, WId winId) const
    bool useOpenGL = mUseOpenGL || (widget->platformWindowFormat().windowApi() == QPlatformWindowFormat::OpenGL);
    if (useOpenGL)
        return new QWaylandGLWindowSurface(widget);
    return new QWaylandShmWindowSurface(widget);

If by default the integration is using QWaylandShmWindowSurface, this will
cause QGLWidget to use it instead of QWaylandGLWindowSurface.

Now, I am not sure if I got the code right, so I would like to ask: am I
missing something or could this really be an issue?

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