[Development] Qt 5 reelase with mingw ???

Алексей Павлов alexpux at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 20:41:15 CET 2012

For those who want to test Qt-5.0.0 compiled with mingw I upload two
This archives contains 3 folders:
 1. Qt-x32 or Qt-x86_64
    Include Qt-5.0.0 + QtCreator-2.6.1
 2. mingw32 or mingw64
    Mingw compiler from
 3. ported-x32 or ported-x64
    3rdparty libraries (if I forgot to copy one of them to qt/bin directory)

To use Qt from my builds you *MUST:*
 1. Create folder C:\SDK
 2. Extract archive to C:\SDK
 3. Launch QtCreator from C:\SDK\Qt-x32\bin or C:\SDK\Qt-x86_64\bin
Because during building absolute paths are hardcoded to Qt libraries.

2012/12/23 Randolph D. <rdohm321 at gmail.com>

> that´s a real xmas gift !
> 2012/12/23 Алексей Павлов <alexpux at gmail.com>
>> I can upload 32-bit archive tomorrow.
>> 2012/12/23 Randolph D. <rdohm321 at gmail.com>
>>  thanks a lot, any estimation when this will be?
>>> to test the app i could use 64 but need to build all dependings libs. if
>>> you have a release soon, i would wait.
>>> 2012/12/23 Алексей Павлов <alexpux at gmail.com>
>>>> If you need to build 32-bit Qt applications you need 32-bit Qt build. I
>>>> work on it now. I upload 32-bit Qt when it was ready
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