[Development] Status of ActiveQt module?

Kent Hansen kent.hansen at nokia.com
Wed Feb 1 07:11:20 CET 2012

Does anyone care about the ActiveQt module for Qt5?

A problem with this module is that it doesn't have any autotests. I can 
run some on the examples, but I don't really know what they're supposed 
to do, or how to use them to exercise relevant codepaths.

The main reason I'm asking is because ActiveQt has code to generate 
meta-objects at runtime, but the meta-object version it generates is 
old. For Qt5 it would be good to get rid of support for "Qt4" 
meta-objects (revisions <= 6), but this necessitates that we update 
existing "homegrown" meta-object generators to generate the latest and 
greatest version (will be 7 initially for Qt5).

ActiveQt could be ported to use QMetaObjectBuilder to generate the 
meta-object, but that's a non-trivial refactoring that scares me due to 
the lack of autotests. Or, the ActiveQt meta-object generator could be 
patched to generate a newer version -- a much smaller change. But that 
means we have to do that every time the QtCore (moc) revision is bumped 
in the future (which won't be terribly often, but it's still a hassle, 
especially in the case of ActiveQt which looks to be ... inactive at the 


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