[Development] Status of ActiveQt module?

Kent Hansen kent.hansen at nokia.com
Wed Feb 1 10:36:35 CET 2012

Den 01. feb. 2012 09:47, skrev ext Olivier Goffart:
> Facts:
> 1) QMetaObjectBuilder is private, its API may still change from minor version
> to minor version

That's fine. It's still better (lower maintenance) than having 
home-grown / incompatible generators floating around, IMO.

> 2) Qt maintain binary compatibility, so metaobject generated from old version
> of moc must still work for all the Qt 5.x series.  Meaning in theory you are
> fine sticking with revision 7 for all the Qt 5.x time frame.

Yeah, we would start from revision 7 in Qt5, but remove codepaths for 
revisions < 7 (Qt4 meta-objects). Then if we need to bump the revision 
to 8 in Qt 5.x, we would have to keep revision 7 working, of course.


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