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Maybe you're looking at a "triage" role, if the role is prioritizing and assigning of tasks among a team that is mostly funded by one company.

Another role we need in JIRA is "contributor".
This is somebody who is not a reviewer, but can still be assigned tasks & transition their assigned tasks through the normal workflow.
Ideally, anyone who has had a patch accepted should be given this level of access if they want it.*
For example, to work on bugs related to code they previously submitted.
Also, this covers most Nokia (or other organization) engineers who are not approvers.

The "contributor" role in Jira was part of the original recommendation:

Map old roles over to OG roles

The current suggestion is:

Reports -> User
Developer -> Contributor
Assignee -> Contributor
QA -> Approvers
RM -> Maintainers <- note, discussion over this

Note the "Developer" + "Assignee" -> "Contributor" transition in the roles, meaning that the "Contributor" role can be assigned tasks.


I'm hoping abuse of JIRA privileges is rare, but it should also be easy to revoke them if needed.

*Some people will contribute a patch for a bug they found in their project that uses Qt, and we don't want to discourage this by giving unwanted responsibility.

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