[Development] Schedule for Qt 4.8.1

Olivier Goffart olivier at woboq.com
Tue Feb 14 11:45:58 CET 2012

On Monday 13 February 2012 12:28:06 Turunen Tuukka wrote:
> Hi All,
> We would like to release next version of Qt Commercial 4.8 around mid-March.
> It would be really great if we can again sync the LGPL and Commercial
> releases both in timing and content to the extent possible.
> If we agree that mid-March is a good target time for the next patch release,
> we should have as much as possible all the fixes in by end of February.
> Naturally a patch release will not have any new features, but there are
> some fixes that we are very much targeting to be in 4.8.1 such as ones
> needed for publishing apps in the Mac App Store.
> Since 4.8 was moved to gerrit, we have been actively redoing our merge
> requests, and quite much has already been merged into the 4.8 branch.
> Yours,

Hi, not really related, but here are some question that I have regarding 4.8.x

1) What are the planed differences between the open source and the comercial 
in 4.8.1?

2) Will there be a release branch, like there was with previous version of Qt? 
(Which let a bit of time to stabilize the actual release by cherry-picking 
only showstopper)
There was none with Qt 4.8.0, why?
If there is one, when?

3) Usually, since a lot of bugs are found in a x.y.0 release, the x.y.1 comes 
quickly after (less than 2 months). Mid march is 4 months after 4.8.0
(Yes, that's more a fact than a qustion)

4) Who is the responsible for the Qt 4.8.x releases?

5) Was there a post mortem after 4.8.0 release?  (What went good, what went 
bad?)  How is the feedback after the release?  How stable is that minor 
release compared to other ones?


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