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Hi Guiseppe,

(moving to development and CCing marketing, please continue this thread on development)

from a Marketing POV, that's a clear yes. We are an Open Source Project, and joining GSOC gives that fact visibility. However, the more important questions are best discussed on the development list:
1. Who would be willing to propose tasks suitable for students & mentor them (each task needs to be summed up with a few words)?
(Note that Mentoring a Student who is supposed to work a 40 hour week lead to lots of stress on the mentor side, too. Mentors should expect they need to dedicate up to 3 hours per day and either clear that up with their managers or deduct it from their spare time. Also, if you sign up for the task, you should be aware that this job sometimes involves a lot of hand-holding. That said I think others on the devel list who have been mentors more frequently than me can asses this part better. Feel free to comment.

2. GSOC potentially creates dead-on-arrival-code. Generally, students cannot be expected to stick with the project, even though some do. This means that GSOC projects by themselves are not sustainable. However, we have plenty of GSOC-sized bug reports that can be turned into proposals. Usually though, GSOC projects are about new features.

If you want to mentor a project or if you have a proposal to make, please sign up at http://wiki.qt-project.org/GSOC_Proposals.


PS: Having had some exposure to GSOC before and assuming we find enough mentors, I'd be willing to be (one of) the org-admin(s).
PPS: If you are interested as a student, please refrain from adding anything to the wiki at this point. We first need to get a clear picture on the mentor side.

On Feb 26, 2012, at 23:07 , ext Giuseppe D'Angelo wrote:

I didn't see any discussion this year about proposing the Qt Project
for Google Summer of Code. It is possible to submit applications for
mentoring organizations from tomorrow (February 27) at 19:00 UTC till
March 9, 23:00 UTC.

Is the Qt Project interested?

Giuseppe D'Angelo
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