[Development] QtCS: OpenGL session notes

Girish Ramakrishnan girish at forwardbias.in
Mon Jun 25 20:44:09 CEST 2012

OpenGL session notes (pasted from
so you can comment inline.

Thanks to Samuel for leading the session and taking the notes!


Future plans
- Desktop OpenGL 3+ support, ES 3 support
- QOpenGLWindow
- Shared cross process graphics buffer APIs
 - copy to texture
 - bind to texture
 - bind as framebuffer
 - locking / unlocking subrectangles for SW / HW access
 - synchronization
 - QPA / preliminary ?
 - IPC / way of exposing buffer across processes
  - file descriptor
  - hardware address, handle, etc
 - capabilities
 - page flipping to the screen
 - linear formats / non-linear formats
 - orthogonal to the QPA APIs? multiple buffer abstractions
- QOffscreenSurface
- texture atlas API / area allocator
- simple imperative GLES2 painter suited for Canvas 2D etc, lose all
the poorly / unnecessary performing features of QPainter
- QPainterV2 API, reduced QPaintEngine API
 - learn from Skia
 - improved API that discourages slow use cases
- the problem of RGBA <-> BGRA
 - new image formats?
- image upload parts of scene graph adaptation layer
 - better abstraction?
 - move from declarative to QPA?
- fast texture uploads
- subpixel layout
 - QScreen API for accessing subpixel layout information
 - subpixel layout information in QImage / QPixmap ?
- QImage vs QPixmap
- QPixmap::internalImage() accessor with no deep copy?
- wrapping non-Qt contexts in QOpenGLContext

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