[Development] Deprecation warnings are enabled

bradley.hughes at nokia.com bradley.hughes at nokia.com
Wed May 2 10:19:47 CEST 2012

On 30 Apr, 2012, at 21:07 , ext bradley.hughes at nokia.com wrote:
> No, I'm not rebuilding just the platform plugin(s), this has to do with all of qtbase (mostly). I will double check this though, since things are constantly changing everyday. The situation may have improved (but that doesn't change my position, which is that we should not be worrying about compiler warnings when the platform plugins need much more work).

For the record, building qtbase, qtdeclarative, qtjsbackend, qtquick1, qtscript, qtsvg, qttools, and qtxmlpatterns (everything needed to build Qt Creator) results in a total of 945 warnings with macx-clang, of which 206 are deprecated warnings. So, the situation has improved, but it's still pretty overwhelming.

Bradley T. Hughes
bradley.hughes at nokia.com

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