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On 12 May 2012 21:13, Girish Ramakrishnan <girish at forwardbias.in> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Here's some comments that I collected from UDS last week. Quim,
> Donald, Thiago and Adam might have more to add.
> I have cc'ed Jonathan who was giving us a lot of the feedback, he
> should be able to point us to the right people for further
> collaboration.
> 1. Qt SDK vs Ubuntu repo install - Currently, Qt SDK is a separate
> download from Nokia website. Ubuntu packages creator and Qt. This
> could cause confusion as to which to choose. I think the decision made
> here was that this is not entirely solvable since Qt SDK contains much
> more than creator and Qt (it has the sysroots and toolchains required
> for the devices). Is it possible for us to bundle sysroots and
> toolchains separately? That way, ubuntu repos can be the definitive
> place to download creator and qt.

please consider that in the near future Ubuntu will have *more* Qt
applications (I'm talking about system applications, just like now
they have the UbuntuOne client etc...) and I suppose they will want to
avoid regressions or incompatibility problems caused by a newer
version of QtSDK. If we think about Qt and QtCreator just as an SDK to
write applications I agree with you that developers should have the
latest tools available, but about the *runtime* I think that a
distribution should stay with the one they've used for months to test
the applications with.

p.s: don't take this wrongly... I'm not saying that newer versions of
Qt usually cause regressions or incompatibility, but even a "could" is
enough to make me think about a stable runtime.

Best regards,

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