[Development] Build issue with configure -developer-build for qtbase?

Carl Schumann schumann at fnal.gov
Tue May 15 17:04:37 CEST 2012

Qt Developers,

For qtbase when I do a configure -developer-build; gmake on my Linux 
system I get a build error:
> cd qtendian/ && gmake -f Makefile
> /scratch/schumann/gerrit3/qtbase/tests/auto/corelib/global/qtendian
------Omitting successful compiles.------
> g++ -c -pipe -g -Wall -W -D_REENTRANT -fPIE -DQT_NO_LIBUDEV 
> -DQT_TESTCASE_BUILDDIR=\"/scratch/schumann/gerrit3/qtbase/tests/auto/corelib/global/qtendian\" 
> -DQT_SHARED -I../../../../../mkspecs/linux-g++ -I. 
> -I../../../../../include/QtCore -I../../../../../include/QtTest 
> -I../../../../../include -I.moc/debug-shared -o 
> .obj/debug-shared/tst_qtendian.o tst_qtendian.cpp
> tst_qtendian.cpp:75: error: integer constant is too large for 'long' type
The content of 
> static const TestData inNativeEndian = { 0x0123456789abcdef, 
> 0x00c0ffee, 0xcafe, 0xcf, '\0' };

TestData's first member is a quint64.  Based on
> /scratch/schumann/gerrit3/qtbase/src/corelib/global/qglobal.h:203:typedef 
> unsigned long long quint64; /* 64 bit unsigned */
and quint64's name I would expect it to be a 64-bit integer.   
Apparently, it is merely a long some how in my environment.

Any ideas please?  Thanks as always for any help.

Carl Schumann

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