[Development] Help: Qt CS pre-scheduled sessions

Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Wed May 16 00:13:02 CEST 2012



We have a draft of the Qt Contributors Summit schedule structure, 
including a few pre-scheduled sessions:

There is one plenary session each morning, covering a big topic to 
inspire (but not restrict) the rest of the day:

- June 21: State of the Union – Qt 5 and Qt 5.1.
- June 22: Betting on Qt Quick.
- June 23: HTML5 and the Web.

Also one plenary session at the end of each day, exclusively for 5' 
demos in a Hack'n'Tell format.

We have also pre-scheduled sessions for all Qt Essentials modules. Help 
is welcome finding the right time & room for each.

And there are a few topics that MUST be discussed and have taken a slot 

- Vision, gaps, contributors.
- Roadmap: platforms supported.
- Documentation.

Galerie is the biggest room and will have video recording. In principle 
the sessions happening there should be anticipated and well prepared. 
The rest of rooms are more indicated for heated, focused, 
multidirectional discussions.

Is there any session we MUST pre-schedule? Please provide reasons and 
specify who would drive it.


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