[Development] SIC: QAbstractPrintDialog & QAbstractPageSetupDialog

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Wed May 16 01:07:10 CEST 2012


I want to request a late source incompatible change in QtPrintSupport.

The QAbstractPritnDialog and QAbstractPageSetupDialog classes are completely 
unnecessary, are given as bad examples in the Qt API design standards, and 
were marked to be merged with QPrintDialog and QPageSetupDialog in Qt5.

Give the modules 'Done' status, I had thought to just leave them as I got to 
them too late, but while doing some bug fixing I realised this is ridiculously 
easy to do and would make fixing the code easier.

This is obviously a SIC change:
1) QAbstractPrintDialog and QAbstarctPageSetupDialog are removed, but I know 
of no-where else they are used so that impact is minimal.
2) The QAbstractPrintDialog::PrintDialogOption enum would become 
3) The QAbstractPrintDialog::PrintRange enum would be removed and we'd use the 
identical QPrinter::PrintRange enum instead, saving confusion.  Alternatively 
we make it QPrintDialog::PrintRange but that seems pointless.

There's one optional change:

4) The old QAbstractPrintDialog get/set options methods had already been 
deprecated in Qt4 and replaced with QPrintDialog methods, we could remove them 
entirely or make the deprecation explicit.

So apps would only have to replace a couple of enum namespaces, but not the 
values themselves, and optionally the get/set options calls to something more 



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