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Wed May 16 16:53:02 CEST 2012

When would alpha 2 happen?

2012/5/1  <lars.knoll at nokia.com>:
> Hi everybody,
> While I think it's very important to get Qt 5.0 out of the door as soon as
> possible, we should not release it without first getting it's quality to a
> very high standard.
> I think it has become rather clear that the original timeline of releasing
> Qt 5.0 by mid June is not doable anymore. There's still a lot of work to
> be done. I'll mention the three big items I see that are currently
> blocking us:
> * Get binary packages/installers working
> I'd like to see daily binary snapshots of Qt 5 that people can test for
> Windows, Mac and Linux. These need to be available when we start beta
> testing.
> We need to get daily source packages that actually build on all platforms
> even earlier than that.
> * Finish the documentation modularization
> This is progressing nicely, and the basic infrastructure is now in place
> for it. Currently we have modularized docs for QtCore, QtXml and QtSql.
> Try it out yourself by cd'ing into qtbase/src/corelib and running 'make
> docs'. You will see that there are still quite some warnings produced by
> qdoc, and this is a place where everybody can help.
> Casper will help us here to finish the modularization in qtbase, but we
> will then have some more work to do to get all other modules that are part
> of Qt Essentials into the same shape.
> * Further improve our platform plugins on Win, Mac and Linux
> Qt Creator runs against Qt 5 on all platforms, but there certainly are
> still more than enough bugs and glitches in the implementations. This will
> require some more focus and time to get into a more polished state.
> Please start looking for regressions compared to Qt 4.x on these platforms
> and actively use our bug tracker to report them.
> Another good area for testing is trying to port existing Qt 4.x apps over
> to
> Qt 5. Let's try to consolidate feedback on how it went on the wiki and
> actual
> bugs found while porting in the bug tracker.
> Bug wise things currently aren't looking to bad and numbers are starting
> to
> go down, and we are also getting our auto tests in shape with a lot less
> disabled/insignificant tests than what we had a couple of weeks ago.
> To accommodate for that I propose that we now rather accept a delay in our
> release schedules and work towards a new timeline that I believe we can
> meet.
> I'd like to aim for having the first beta (with a hard API freeze) our by
> the contributor summit. Depending on the feedback we will then add a
> second beta beginning of August and aim for a final release sometime mid
> to end of August.
> In the meantime we can/should think about doing another alpha. Thiago
> proposed that one option here could be to simply release the first source
> package that works on all platforms as the second alpha. Like that we
> don't
> use any additional resources and time on creating that second alpha.
> Cheers,
> Lars
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