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  Thank you for explaining, succinctly, one of the critical
  differences between commercial software and FOSS: Commercial
  software contains those features that the customers will pay
  for while FOSS only contains features that the developers are
  interested in developing (for their own use or as a hobby).

  The FOSS developers *HOPE* that their interests are congruent
  with those of the mere customers and at least in QT's world,
  there's some evidence that this is true for some customers
  but there is also mounting evidence that this is decidedly
  *NOT TRUE* for other customers, hence our current debate
  about QML Qt versus QWidget Qt.


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>  Qt "the product" may be developed by a meritocracy of devel-
>  opers but it damned-well better respond in a more-or-less
>  democratic way to the needs/demands of the consumers of the
>  product. If it doesn't, those consumers will move on to
>  using other frameworks.

That isn't how reality works. You cannot tell me (as a volunteer) what
I ought to be spending my time on any more than I can tell you what
color to paint your livingroom. My interests dictate what I invest my
time into, not random people on the internet. As a developer working
on Qt, I will probably keep users' interests in mind, but at the end
of the day, it's still my decision.

Now, these "consumers" might get lucky a lot of the time and find that
what I consider fun usually matches up with what they desire from an
application development framework, but there's no guarentee for that.
If they want one, then they have to invest time or money into making
it happen - there really is no such thing as a completely free lunch.

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