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On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 7:51 AM,  <simo.falt at nokia.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Finally there is some progress with the bin packaging.
> There is now jenkins creating desktop installers twice a day, if there is change in git. Currently it detects the git 7 am and pm (GMT +2).
> First it creates the beta src package (http://origin.releases.qt-project.org/qt5.0-beta-latest/), which is then built on Linux, Win and Mac. All latest installers can and will be found from here:
> http://releases.qt-project.org/qt5.0-beta-bin-latest/
> BUT, there is still some buts…
> - The replication to that dir takes a while atm, hopefully we can fix it today. Currently there is only one installer from Yesterday visible
> - Win packages are still pending one additional python module. After that get installed you should see msvc2010 package in that dir.
> - Mac packages will get enabled as soon as we get the Mac node online.
> - The used src config, SHOULD be available if one installs also sources with the installers. I will modify this, and make the sha1 more clearly visible.
> Linux packages are built on Ubuntu 10.04, 11.10 and 12.04. All including 64 and 32 bit versions.  Windows is 32 bit Win7 (Danimo, please correct if I'm wrong)
> Linux binaries are built as shadow from top level pro file. Running the configure and then running make + make install for each sub module in the order stated in generated Makefile. Currently webkit+webkit-examples are the ones which do not compile. Mac binaries will be built as in src, but also from top level pro file. Configure + make for each submodule separately. Win binaries are built with the build perl script.
> The installers are based on Installer-framework. Currently the ci is using static version of it (from Jan), but hopefully we can fix that also in the future. The SDK packaging scripts and configurations will be in qtrepotools. Once I get all nodes up an running I will start bootstrapping those directly from there. Currently those are updated manually. So as a summary, there is still lots of things to do but now there is at least something visible.
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Where will those packages be installed to (especially on linux)? Can I
install them next to qt4??

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Daniel Kreuter

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