[Development] Fixing input for eglfs and friends

Jørgen Lind jorgen.lind at nokia.com
Fri May 25 08:12:11 CEST 2012

> I think that's a valid point :-) They are all inside qtbase because of
> convenience. The build system wasn't and still isn't very friendly
> when it comes to creating separate modules.

I honestly dont understand this point. And why does it have to be a
submodule. Cant it just be a git repo with a qmake file, that builds the
target to the same place where it would have been built in source?

> I sort of agree with you and Jorgen. For eglfs, I have to point out
> that the code there doesn't work on most boards out there since mostly
> all boards need specific graphics initialization. So, yes, it's an
> example and one that didn't work for me in most places :-) I also
> added a eglfs/x11 backend sometime back to test in my laptop with
> mesa.
> I don't mind creating a separate submodule to carry out the proper qpa
> plugin work. Would you be OK with:
> a. Giving us the eglfs plugin name :-) This is mostly for our
> convenience. We spent quite sometime educating people to use eglfs
> right from the Qt4 days.
> b. I will create a eglexample plugin that is basically eglfs without
> the complexity of hooks, cursors etc. It will load input plugins as it
> does today
> c. After 5.0, I will move eglfs into a separate repo like wayland..
> Sounds ok to you guys ?

Ok, as I understand it, there will never be a Qt on pi plugin, nor a Qt
on snowball etc etc plugin. You guys just want one plugin. And you want

Yeah, maybe we should just add minimal_egl or smoething, and keep evolving
eglfs in the direction you guys see fit?


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