[Development] Approver status

Sven Anderson Sven.Anderson at snom.com
Fri May 25 16:27:29 CEST 2012

On 25.05.2012 12:29, andre.poenitz at nokia.com wrote:
> Sven Anderson:
>> I also don't think fixed numbers in rules are very wise. What about
>> offering some moving average stats of various metrics somewhere (maybe
>> they already exist?) and just referring to them in the rules as a guide
>> line? That's more dynamic and adapts to the different activity levels
>> over modules and time.
> Wow. No!
> The idea was not to have an over-engineered system of random rules, and also
> not to introduce a _scale_,

That was not my intention. I was rather talking about some stats, that 
are anyway interesting and maybe even exist already, and just to give a 
hint that these exist as _one_ possible source among others to build an 
opinion about a potential approver.

>but an extemely low and obviously reasonable cut-off
> point as a minimal barrier of entrance, serving as a guideline for the people
> doing the nomination, saving the hassle of discussing unreasonable nominations,
> and prevent the embarassement of being declined for the nominee.

Ok, this sounds more like a "noise gate", but is there noise? Maybe you 
should make a clear problem statement for your proposed solution then, 
because I have the feeling everybody is proposing solutions for his own 
interpretation what the problem is. ;-)



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