[Development] Blurring the lines between Qt-Project and Digia

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Hi Stephen,

Fully agree with you. However this wasn't in any way by intention. Here's what I been told happened:

The reason here is that the YouTube “Qt Studios” account was (isn’t anymore) linked to the Qt Project Twitter account. The linking had been put in place likely at a time when the Qt Project Twitter account was labeled “Qt by Nokia”.
…and when the tweet went out, there was no way to delete it anymore unfortunately. It seems to be this way when something goes out from “non Twitter source”.


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Hi there,


is a tweet from the 'qtproject' twitter account, containing video from Digia
on the QtStudios youtube account which amounts to a promotional advert by
Digia for 'Qt Commercial'. The video opens and closes with Digia logos etc.

This could blur the lines between Digia and the Qt Project. The Qt Project
should be where code goes to and where releases come from, but should not have
a commercial slant.

It is also not clear who is actually doing the communications through qt-
project accounts (from the tweet: 'I added a video ...'). The qt-project
accounts shouldn't be used as a mouthpiece for qt commercial advertisements
and promotional videos. To do so risks the appearance of shilling[1] and
blurring the lines between the qt-project and Digia (and therefore weakening
the Qt Project and its credibility as a strong open contribution project).

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shill

It may be true that what's good for Qt Commercial is good for Qt Project, but
that doesn't make it appropriate for Digia branded materials, promotional
videos and advertisements to be promoted 'impartially' or 'anonymously' by qt-
project social media accounts. Such things should be promoted by Digia itself

According to the bottom-left of qt-project.org, the Qt Project social media
accounts are:


It is not obvious who can post from these accounts, and who the people making
the posts represent. We should discuss how to change that.


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