[Development] Preparing to release repackaged version of Qt 4.8.3 with Digia copyrights

Stephen Kelly stephen.kelly at kdab.com
Thu Oct 4 13:20:59 CEST 2012

On Wednesday, October 03, 2012 19:00:14 Turunen Tuukka wrote:
> >>> Can't you push a commit on top of 4.8.3 that updates the license
> >>> files, and tag that commit 4.8.3-1?
> >> 
> >> If we do that, we should just call it 4.8.4.
> > 
> > Isn't that what happened also when Nokia bought Qt? 4.4.3 was technically
> > a
> > "rebranding" release. I think that is what should happen now as well.
> The difference now is that we can not tag this release due to the way 4.8
> branch is set up. As all development is in a single branch there is no easy
> way to have the copyrights in without the other (untested) changes.

As Thiago pointed out, this appears to be untrue.

> And due to the hurry with making Qt 5.0 it is not possible now to make 4.8.4
> with the changes there currently are + the copyrights and then tag it.

This doesn't make any sense. What does the next Qt 4 release have to do with 
whether the resources are busy with Qt 5? That's your problem to deal with. 
You don't need to make a mess of the repo to deal with it, and I don't see the 
big deal.

> We should also note that distributing the release packages with Nokia
> copyrights is incorrect, but for practical reasons we have agreed to do so
> for a while. It would be inconvinient if there would be no packages to
> download.

Are you saying that the alternative in your mind is to remove the option of 
downloading anything from http://qt-project.org/downloads ?

Releasing 4.8.3 again makes no sense. If there are changes, release 4.8.4. 


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