[Development] New branch in qtdoc for Qt 5.0 documentation brush-up

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt eskil.abrahamsen-blomfeldt at digia.com
Fri Oct 5 09:15:48 CEST 2012

On 10/04/2012 05:21 PM, Stephen Kelly wrote:
> On Thursday, October 04, 2012 17:06:08 Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt wrote:
>> If
>> you are working on changes to the qtdoc repository, could you please
>> move it over to "newdocs" branch so we can minimize conflicts?
> Excuse my circular logic, but if everyone should commit to newdocs and no one
> should commit to master, let's delete the master branch entirely, rename
> newdocs to master and work there instead. That way, we we're done with this
> complicated branch issue before the newdocs branch was even created.
> In other words: Why create a branch at all?

This is most likely just poor communication on my part.

The "newdocs" branch is a topic branch where we can break the current 
documentation without delaying the next beta. If you have changes that 
need to go into the beta, they can be put in the master branch and we 
will deal with any potential conflicts when they appear, but if they do 
not, and especially if you are participating in the Qt 5 documentation 
clean-up, it would be great if you could commit to "newdocs" so we 
working against the same version of the code.

The main conflicts we're worried about now is work on pages that are 
deleted in the new structure for instance or duplicate work, which would 
become much more visible if everyone working to make the Qt 5 
documentation great are on the same branch.

The branch will go away and be merged into master once its contents are 
considered usable, so this is in no way meant to be a permanent 
solution. Hopefully that will not take too long.


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