[Development] QtNetwork: using system proxy by default

Peter Hartmann phartmann at rim.com
Thu Oct 11 15:12:09 CEST 2012


I remember this has been discussed before, but yet again: How about 
using the system proxy by default, at least on some platforms or by 
configure switch? Right now every app developer has to call 
QNetworkProxyFactory::setUseSystemConfiguration(true) in his code to use 
the system proxies.
On desktop you might want to avoid this depending on your app, but on 
mobile (e.g. Blackberry) it might happen that you just have to use the 
system configuration and it will not work without it.

IMO there are 4 options:

1. leave as it is, tell everybody to call above method in their app
2. just #ifdef for the platforms where it should be used automatically
3. introduce a configure switch "-use-system-proxy" or so (default no)
4. enable usage of system proxy globally

1. sounds a bit cumbersome for me; I prefer 2. for pragmatic reasons. If 
people think 3. is cleaner that is fine with me as well. As Shane told 
me, using the system proxy on Windows might lead to several seconds of 
delay until the synchronous method that determines the proxy returns, so 
for now 4. seems too risky.

Please suggest / comment etc.


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