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Jana Aurindam Aurindam.Jana at digia.com
Thu Oct 18 19:14:55 CEST 2012

On Oct 18, 2012, at 5:30 PM, Thiago Macieira wrote:

After all of my patches are integrated, here are the changes that will happen:

- bin:
The following tools have been renamed:
qmake -> qmake5
moc -> moc5
uic -> uic5
rcc -> rcc5
qdbusxml2cpp -> qdbusxml2cpp5
qdbuscpp2xml -> qdbuscpp2xml5
lconvert -> lconvert5
lrelease -> lrelease5
lupdate -> lupdate5
xmlpatterns -> xmlpatterns5
xmlpatternsvalidator -> xmlpatternsvalidator5

qmlviewer -> qml1viewer
This should be just qmlviewer (as it was in Qt 4.8).. I dont see a reason for this renaming..

[qml1plugindump had already been renamed]
This should be reverted back to qmlplugindump .. (Same reason as above.. For QtQuick2, the related binaries can be renamed to qml2* (to reflect the version change)

qmlscene -> qml2scene
This should be qml2viewer.
qmlplugindump -> qml2plugindump
qmlbundle -> qml2bundle
qmlmin -> qml2min
qmlprofiler -> qml2profiler
qmltestrunner -> qml2testrunner

The following tools require more information:
qdoc: not renamed because the Qt 4 version was called "qdoc3"
qhelpgenerator, qcollectiongenerator, qhelpconverter: they apparently
keep backwards compatibility, so they should replace the Qt 4 versions
qglinfo: new tool from qt3d

The following are user applications and they have not and will not be renamed:

- lib:
All libraries are now called libQt5Name.so.5 on Unix systems,
libQt5Name(_debug).5.dylib on Mac, Qt5Name(d).dll on Windows. This also
applies to the qmake .prl files, the libtool .la files and the pkg-config .pc
files. The cmake files had already had the "5".

EXCEPT in Mac Framework builds. Since the header search path takes the
framework's name, for source compatibility, the framework builds did not get
the "5" in the name.

- include:
No change.

- doc:
On Windows builds and on -no-prefix-install builds, no change. Otherwise, the
default install path is now $prefix/share/qt5/doc.

Question: should it be $prefix/doc/qt5 to match autoconf's default?

- mkspecs:
On Windows builds, on -no-prefix-install builds, and on builds with -hostprefix,
no change. Otherwise, the default install path is now $prefix/lib/qt5/mkspecs.

- plugins:
The default install path is now $prefix/lib/qt5/plugins on all systems.

- imports:
The default install path is now $prefix/lib/qt5/imports on all systems. It
applies to QML 1 and Qt Quick 1 only.

QML2 imports go to "qmldir", which defaults to $prefix/lib/qt5/qml on all

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