[Development] highlight/background colour of active tabs

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Fri Oct 19 09:35:42 CEST 2012

Op 18-10-2012 19:36, Randolph D. schreef:
> Hello
> in the tab widget several tabs have a background colour of dark-grey 
> and the active forground tab has the background colour of light-grey.
> This is misleading, as all apps with a mainframe have the colour of 
> light grey, so the active tab is regarded as the general background 
> colour, and this is misleading, better would it be, if all tabs not 
> active are light-grey, (as any other frame colour) and the ACTIVE tab 
> is default  dark-grey (or alternatively white).
> e.g. in the qt web browser http://dooble.sf.net you can see this 
> phenomen. Can someone swith the active tab colour either to white, or 
> switch the non-active tabs to light-grey and the active tab to dark-grey?
Well, this is of course style dependent. What style are you talking about?


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