[Development] New proposal for the tool naming

Erik van Pienbroek erik at vanpienbroek.nl
Tue Oct 23 23:18:36 CEST 2012

Thiago Macieira schreef op zo 21-10-2012 om 10:51 [-0700]:
> I'm waiting for packagers and 
> others to comment on the proposal.


I think that having a centralized qmake wrapper is a nice compromise.
The distro package maintainers can then provide a /usr/bin/qmake wrapper
which by default points to the distro default version of Qt (Qt 5.0.0
for example). If other versions of Qt need to be installed side-by-side
(Qt 4.8.3 for example) then package maintainers or users can drop a
small configuration file in some /etc/.. or $HOME/.config/... folder to
make the qmake wrapper aware of the other installed versions of Qt including
the tools which belonging to the other installed versions of Qt.

Using this method cross-compilation should also be easily possible (which is
my main area as I'm package maintainer of the Fedora MinGW packages for Qt).
For this situation it should be sufficient to drop a configuration file
pointing to /usr/i686-w64-mingw32/libexec/qt5/qmake (or something similar) in
one of the folders where the qmake wrapper will look for available toolchains
and you're ready to go.

For Qt Creator this method will also provide added value as it makes
auto-detection of all installed Qt installations possible without having to
specify multiple Qt installations manually in the Qt Creator configuration.

So from my point of view I'm +1 to a centralized qmake wrapper.

Kind regards,

Erik van Pienbroek
Fedora MinGW SIG

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