[Development] Removing Wacom support in Qt5

Ariel Molina ariel at edis.mx
Sat Sep 8 18:10:03 CEST 2012

> What do you mean by "qmlpuppet"?
is the pupeteer that enables the QtC Quick designer.

> As Boudewijn said, it is not so costy to get a device. I hope Digia or
> someone else can stand up to get this supported officially for those
> situations where it does not work.
We all know, but none wants to step in, i can guess the reason. Digia
stepped in and provided some patches patch, but a hack is not a

>> 4) Few % of Qt apps are in fact targeting Wacom
>> 5) Nobody cares about Wacom anyway, or the bug should be solved by now
>> (some bugs are 2+ years old)
> We do care, but it just worked for us.

I have never touched a Wacom, nor I know how to use one, but when
tracing the bug, i just installed the Wacom driver in my Windows
Laptop, and voila, instant bugs in QtC Quick designer, the qmlpuppet
and our apps.

But i could help trace more into the issue, what hardware, driver and
general setup is yours?


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