[Development] Puzzled by desktop development priorities, Mac OS specifically [Warning: Rant]

R. Reucher rene.reucher at batcom-it.net
Tue Aug 6 13:55:57 CEST 2013

On Tuesday 06 August 2013 13:41:41 Rutledge Shawn wrote:
> The rsync step is overkill: it will copy all of Qt Quick Controls, Qt
> Sensors, Qt Webkit, etc. into this application, but it doesn't use them. 
> The total app bundle is now 38.6 MB (!) of which about 9 MB is QtQuick
> imports, most of which I don't need.
Yeah, but it's OK for the concrete project I use it for, which is still Qt 4 
based (primarily), but I've already changed the script for Qt 5 locally as 
well... I'd need to fine tune the rsync step in case of Qt 5, though.

> macdeployqt could try to find the dependencies and install them, but that
> would amount to looking for imports in your QML, and then looking for
> dependencies that those imports import, etc.  And the qml isn't so readily
> available inside the .app since it's a resource in the executable.  So this
> seems to be still a bit of a sticky problem.  (Disclaimer: I haven't tried
> to read and understand what macdeployqt actually does; so it's possible that 
> it just needs minor fixes.)
Hmmm, when we assume that all QML is embedded as a ressource, it's part of the 
.qrc file then and could thus be easily looked up and parsed for imports. I 
think that should be feasible (that said, I haven't looked into macdeployqt's 
source either)...


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