[Development] New reference platforms in the CI for Qt5.2

Sarajärvi Tony Tony.Sarajarvi at digia.com
Wed Aug 7 11:47:18 CEST 2013

Hi all!

We'd like to change the reference platforms a bit. We have new platforms coming in and old ones are just that.old.

Changes in short would be to drop OSX 10.6 and Ubuntu 10.04 from our builds. As new platforms we would bring up OSX 10.9 and Ubuntu 13.04.
Also a new platform would be Windows 8.1, which would get one or two configurations from our Windows 7 builds.

As Ubuntu 10.04 is using KDE and not Gnome, I'd like to know what you think if we used KDE in Ubuntu 13.04 as well?

These changes would be targeted for Qt 5.2 and the current proposition can be seen here:


(That web page has been badly out of date, but I'm automating the update process of it currently.
I will also keep the Qt argument list up to date so that you can see what the differences are between the configurations.)

Other upcoming changes I've heard about:
- Argument "nomake examples" is going to be changed to "nocompile examples"

Even though these reference platforms will be updated, we still need to keep a few old ones up and running. We still need to verify Qt 4.8.


Tony Sarajärvi
CI Tech Lead
Digia, Qt

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