[Development] New reference platforms in the CI for Qt5.2

Sergio Ahumada sergio.ahumada at digia.com
Wed Aug 7 13:12:29 CEST 2013

On 08/07/2013 11:47 AM, Sarajärvi Tony wrote:
> Hi all!
> We'd like to change the reference platforms a bit. We have new platforms coming in and old ones are just that.old.
> Changes in short would be to drop OSX 10.6 and Ubuntu 10.04 from our builds. As new platforms we would bring up OSX 10.9 and Ubuntu 13.04.
> Also a new platform would be Windows 8.1, which would get one or two configurations from our Windows 7 builds.

Does this means that we drop support for OS X 10.6 in Qt 5.2 ?

> As Ubuntu 10.04 is using KDE and not Gnome, I'd like to know what you think if we used KDE in Ubuntu 13.04 as well?

Since we are adding a new Linux platform .. why not to add something
else than Ubuntu ?

I know that the puppet configuration might be an issue, so I wonder if
there are other blockers for, let's say, Debian, SuSE, Fedora or others ?

> These changes would be targeted for Qt 5.2 and the current proposition can be seen here:
> http://qt-project.org/wiki/CI_Configurations
> (That web page has been badly out of date, but I'm automating the update process of it currently.
> I will also keep the Qt argument list up to date so that you can see what the differences are between the configurations.)
> Other upcoming changes I've heard about:
> - Argument "nomake examples" is going to be changed to "nocompile examples"

Interesting, I still don't understand the difference between the two.

> Even though these reference platforms will be updated, we still need to keep a few old ones up and running. We still need to verify Qt 4.8.
> Regards,
> -Tony

Sergio Ahumada
Release Engineer - Digia, Qt

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