[Development] Bundling Qt 5 libraries with application package and strange "font" error

Tomasz Olszak olszak.tomasz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 19:14:11 CEST 2013


I've built Qt5 with with e.g. /home/user/qt prefix and wanted to deploy
needed Qt libraries and plugins along with Qt application.

Application suppose to be installed in e.g. /tmp , Qt5 libraries in
/tmp/lib and directories plugins and qml should be placed accordingly in
/tmp/data/plugins and /tmp/data/qml

So I added qt.conf file:







and changed(using chrpath) RPATH to /tmp/lib in all qt libraries and
plugins that has already RPATH set (e.g libQt5Core doesn't have one).

Is this approach accepted or perhaps there are some risks? Is there any
manual how to deploy Qt libraries in such case? Maybe I should built it
with other configuration...

I would like to mention that I tested it and it works but i have strange
issue. See following pictures:

Application without changing RPATH in Qt libraries and application binary:

This is application after RPATH modification:

regards / pozdrawiam, Tomasz Olszak
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