[Development] Review process: when should I merge to staging?

Josh Faust jfaust at suitabletech.com
Mon Aug 12 22:42:55 CEST 2013

> Thiago covered it expertly, but I'd also suggest giving it some more
> time if specific other reviewers have expressed interest in it (such
> as by repeated comments). In a case like this one, where it has been
> entirely a dialogue with the person who +2'd it, no waiting period
> seems necessary.

To be clear: in the reviewer table, a checkmark is +2/approved? I've  seen
+1s in the gerrit UI but never a +2.

> I noticed this morning that I forgot to +1 sanity review when I
> approved it. If the sanity bot comments have been covered in the
> discussion already, like in that patch, just go ahead and +1 sanity
> review it yourself if it has +2 code review. The -1 ratings from the
> sanity bot do not require a separate approver to override, it's just
> raising a red flag that should be addressed in the review before it's
> given +2.

I've never seen the sanity review options -- do they only show up if the
Sanity Bot -1'd it? Or do I just merge without Sanity Bot approval?


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