[Development] Qt5.1 Post Mortem

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Mon Aug 19 13:55:53 CEST 2013


New minor release was done at the beginning of July and now it is time to collect some lessons learnt. I hope you would be willing to give us your feedback on the release related work for Qt5.1.

I know there was this same action done for Qt5.0 and I am hoping at least something has gone to the correct direction. There were couple of issues raised which situation I want to explain a bit:

-        Communication

o   This is an issue always, in 5.1 as well. Sorry about that. During Qt5.1 it was mostly because I didn't know/remember to inform something etc. I am trusting this will be better in the Qt5.2 because I should be more familiar with processes & ways of working with Qt releases

-        CI

o   CI seems to be a pain point all the time. We have done some improvements after 5.0 and already now after 5.1. We will continue to improve CI system and its stability all the time.

o   Here is tasks already done:

§  New CI hardware installed. More disk space and CPU time.

§  Stability improved

§  Metrics up and running

§  Improved autotest tracking

o   Planned CI improvements in the near future:

§  New network test server

§  Configuration tracking

§  Android and IOS in CI

o   Here you can find prioritized task list containing also CI impovements: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/issues/?filter=14481

 Below is a set of question which might help you to formalize your feedback. But do not stuck to the these; feel free to add issues not mentioned in the list as well

*         What worked well and what should be continued?

*         What didn't worked so well and how we should change that?

*         Did you get the information you needed, and were you able to communicate effectively with the release team? (Is irc the right channel for the release team meetings? Did you know who to communicate with to get the information you needed?)

*         Are there parts of the process where you would like to suggest improvements/changes?

*         How did the community testing work, should it be done differently? (Was there enough time for testing?)

*         Has Digia behaved the way you think it should have (related to releasing Qt5.1)? Please elaborate the answer.

*         Did Digia do their part work with the community in the way it should?

Please send your feedback to jani.heikkinen at digia.com<mailto:jani.heikkinen at digia.com> by the end of week 34.

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